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Description of Phone to Tablet Remote

Control music on one Android device from another. Install this app on both devices, connect them by Wifi or Bluetooth, then remotely play, pause, skip, seek, change the volume, browse files, select tracks, etc. You can even copy files between the devices.

If this app doesn't work how you expect it to, please check the settings, as there are lots of settings that change the behaviour of the app. If you need help please email

Includes presets for:

AIMP, Amazon Music, Apollo, Apple Music, BlackPlayer, Deezer, Default Music Player, doubleTwist, Dub Music Player, Eleven, Equalizer Plus, Google Play Music, HTC Music, jetAudio, Media Monkey, Miui, Musicolet, Music Player, Music Player for Android, Music (Sony), N7 Player, Napster, Neutron, Noozy, Pandora, Phonograph, Pi, Pixel, PlayerPro, Poweramp, Pulsar, Radioplayer, Rocket Player, Samsung Music, Shuttle, Soundcloud, Spotify, Stellio, Tidal, Tunein, VLC, Winamp, and Youtube, YouTube Kids, YouTube Music.

If the app you want to control isn't listed you can add it as a custom app by putting in its package name (see below under ADDING APPS).

This app does not work with Netflix as Netflix ignores media commands.


If using Bluetooth, make sure devices are paired, then get your remote control device, select the device you want to control from the list of devices, and press "This Device is the Remote".

If using Local Network, press "Run Server" on the playback device, and "Run Remote" on the remote control device, and follow the instructions which appear.

If using Wifi Direct, press "Scan for Devices" on both devices. Then on the remote control device, select the device you want to control from the list of devices, and press "This Device is the Remote".

When connected, choose the app you want to control from the drop-down list of preset apps. Make sure that app is running on the playback device.

From the menu you can choose options such as Copy Files, Find Playlists, Find Tracks/Albums, etc.

In the settings you can turn on album art, and the seekbar (works with some apps only).

You can remove ads from the app with an in-app purchase from the menu ($0.99).


To quit the app, make sure you are disconnected from the other device first, then press the back button.


Select "Custom 1" from the bottom of the list of players on the remote device. On the playback device select "Set custom app packages" from the menu. In the space for Custom app 1, enter the package name of the app you want to control, and press OK.

You can use an app like Package Name Viewer to get the package name of the app you want to control.


If the remote does not show track information when controlling Spotify, go into the Spotify settings on your music player device, and turn on the option called "Device Broadcast Status".

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